Sport and Living Healthy Using Juicers: Maine Health Guide

Here in Maine we try our best to live our healthy lives and as athletes it is important to be good role models. With us today is Jessica who is an avid sportsperson who is going to talk to us about juicing and how to make healthy juices using juicers.

Making Juice the Simple and Easy Way

Making juice is so easy today. People only need to put the powder in a glass, add water, stir and it is ready to drink. It is basic chemistry and not rocket science. However, not a lot of people know this: commercial juice powder contains a lot of preservatives and other substances that may cause harm to the body in the long run.

Natural juices or concentrate juice can also be called fruit juice concentrate or concentrated juice that contains lesser water than other forms of juice.


Reasons to Choose Tasty  Juice Recipes

Natural fruit juice contains sugar and people may immediately think that this is a bad thing. However, they need to understand why it is healthier to choose real fruits versus powdered juice drinks.

Aside from the fact that fresh fruit juices are more refreshing, they contain more nutrients than powdered juices. Yes, the packets of the powdered juices may say that they are rich in Vitamin A, B, C, D and more, but no one really knows for sure if these are true or if they work like the natural equivalents. What many people can definitely be sure of is that it contains preservatives that are bad for the kidney and for other organs of the body On the other hand, fresh fruit juices contain real vitamins and minerals such as potassium, zinc, lycopene, carotene, and so many more. Aside from these nutrients, fresh and natural juices also contain antioxidants.

Antioxidants are the most important nutrients that people with age need to consume. Antioxidants help fight free radicals. Free radicals come from stress, pollution and other harmful factors. These free radicals damage the skin and are the reasons why skin is wrinkled. Antioxidants can help both repair the damage and protect the skin cells from these free radicals.

The body actually produces its own antioxidants. As people grow older, however, they need to supplement this by taking more antioxidants through consciously consuming foods and drinking liquids using natural anti-aging juice recipes. To be sure that antioxidants are taken, use fruit ingredients that contain high doses of it such as oranges, lemons, tomatoes and more.

Why the Need to Be Healthy

People know that being healthy is important but not all know that being healthy is the only key to reversing the effects of aging. There are particular nutrients that the elderly need to consume regularly in order to delay aging. Among the most important nutrients are Vitamin E, C, and of course, antioxidants. The effects of aging are present because the body cells are starting to grow old and deteriorate. Remember, delaying cellular deterioration delays aging.

Side Effects of Powdered Preservatives

Some effects of powdered juice preservatives include kidney problems and liver problems. These juice drinks may not cause these side effects directly, but symptoms are going to show eventually in the long run. Hence, people really need to rethink about the juices they choose. Preservatives are never good for the body and people need to know that sticking to natural is always better.

If convenience is the issue, there are prepared juices using natural recipes using juicers (see some good reviews here on the best juicers: being sold in markets today. Natural juice concentrates can be easily bought in groceries and convenience stores. Hence, there is no reason for people to resort to powdered juices if convenience is the issue. Aging can never be stopped unless a magical elixir is made. Hence, people need to know that staying healthy is their only option.