The Mainestate Great Crossbow Guide – Important Things to Keep in Mind Before Hunting With a Crossbow

A bow with tips curving away from the archer is called the recurve crossbow and the draw of this bow is longer because of the bent limbs and this provides the extra acceleration to the projectile and also has a less hand shock. The modern version of these crossbows is called the compound crossbow. This compound crossbow through research and development has been designed in such a fashion that it has become more powerful and accurate.

The limbs of a compound crossbow are a lot stiffer than its counterpart that is why it is far more energy efficient. The mechanics of the modern compound crossbow rely upon pulleys which are round and concentrically mounted and this provides maximum energy to shoot the bolt. The crossbow has the string connected to the pulleys and either or both pulleys have one or more cables joined to the opposite limb. The pulleys are turned by the string when the string is drawn back. This step triggers the pulleys to pull the cables and this enables the limbs to bend and store energy.


The projectiles of modern crossbows are called bolts and they are a lot smaller than regular arrows but are heavier in weight. Today bolts do not have fletching that is feathers on their ends but are stamped with a proof mark to ensure the stability and consistency in weight. Today, most crossbows are artistically designed to shoot arrows and not bolts. These arrows are not any different from ordinary arrows in construction but are shorter in length due to the reduction in power stroke. These crossbows can also have different heads fitted on them, for example, a sickle-shape head that is meant for cutting rope or rigging but the quarrel, a four-sided point is more commonly used.

Primarily, crossbows for hunting have to be accurate in shot placement and not power of bow. Nevertheless, more power and speed are two features of crossbow which increase their performance. Another factor in making a decision to purchase a crossbow is to bring your height in the equation because it is the height that matters and not the physical strength to cock.

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Crossbow Accessories

Yes, it is true a simple bow and arrow has been replaced by high-tech crossbows and precision engineered arrows. Usually, a metal grid was fixed to serve as an iron sight but modern crossbows are laced with state-of-the-art red dot sights and telescopic sights. Nowadays, crossbows come with a plethora of accessories which enable the archer to be more accurate and effective in his marksmanship. These high-tech gadgets have tremendously improved the performance of hunters to hunt animals and sports figures to raise their bar of performance to new levels.

Crossbow Cases

To protect the crossbow string, body and limbs different crossbow cases are available in the market. The crossbow case keeps it safe from getting damaged or scratched when in use and when stored for longer periods.


The quiver is made of plastic material and is easily attached and detached from the crossbow. The quiver comes with a holding capacity of three or four bolts that are held in a fixed position. The quiver can be attached parallel to either side of the stock with a side mount quiver bracket. It can also be attached below the crossbow.


There are multiple choices and varieties in arrows to pick from as per your needs and requirements. Mostly arrows are made of light metal of carbon or aluminum and are engineered so precisely for straightness to give accuracy and control. These high-tech arrows are also hand sorted for weight tolerance.


The market is flooded with high-powered telescopes that are mounted on the crossbows to zero-in on the targets. These telescopes vary in range from short distanced targets to long distanced targets and provide almost a 100% accuracy to mark the targets. Single red dot and multi red dot scopes can also be purchased in the market to mount on the crossbow.

Cocking devices

The cocking devices are very useful and effective devices on the crossbow to have control and stability because the cocking devices are designed to convert the heavy draw weight to minimum effort. With a cocking device far less effort is needed to draw back the crossbow so the archer’s concentration and focus do not waver. Below is a list of type of cocking devices that can be purchased

  • Rope Cocking Device

This is the most popular device used in cocking a crossbow because it is both easy to use and is not expensive. It is the best for target shooting because it reduces the workload of pulling the strings to half.

  • Crank Cocking Device

The crank cocking device is expensive but a device specifically designed to benefit the old and physically impaired people. The crank cocking device takes longer to cock the crossbow than rope cocking device and then there are some crossbows that have a fixed crank.

Noise-Dampening Devices

Noise – dampening devices are needed to muffle or dampen the noise of crossbows because the stiffness of limbs creates loudness in the use of crossbows. The noise-dampening device is beneficial for hunters and marksmen as it is attached to the crossbow and reduces the decibel level and minimizes the noise distraction. The noise-dampening devices are put on the limbs of the crossbow and they also reduce the vibrations.

There are a lot more accessories available to choose from to improve the quality and performance of hunting or sports like the mono pad stick which provides stability and support in using a crossbow on tree-stands or while standing.

Different Kinds of Crossbows

Primarily we have two modern versions of crossbows which can be seen in the market and they are the recurve crossbow and compound crossbow. The recurve crossbow is in line with the traditional crossbow which is history and can be traced in museums or on the walls at home as a souvenir.

Recurve Crossbows

Recurve crossbows has two limbs which are connected to the stock of the crossbow and a greater potential energy is created by the back and forward movement of the limbs. The tips of the recurve crossbow point away from the shooter and this gives a longer draw length than a bow with straight limbs. This specific design enables the projectile to store more energy and travel at a faster speed. The mechanism for the recurve crossbow is not difficult but it needs more power and strength to use. The recurve crossbow is a weapon of the experienced and professional users.

Compound Crossbows

The modern evolved version of these crossbows is known as the compound crossbow. This compound crossbow has gone through intensive research and development and the product has been a more powerful and accurate and energy efficient compound crossbow. The reason behind the energy efficiency is that the limbs of a compound crossbow are a lot stiffer than its counterpart .The working of the modern compound crossbow pivots upon the pulleys or wheels which provide maximum energy to shoot the bolt. The string is attached to the pulleys and pulleys have one or more cables attached to the opposite limb. The pulleys get turned when the string is drawn back. This procedure enables the pulleys to pull the cables and this causes the limbs to bend and store energy. Compound crossbow has an easier cocking system because of the pulleys and it also adds to the stored energy which accelerates the delivery of the projectile. It has a better shooting rate than that of the recurve crossbow. Although, it is heavier than the recurve crossbow but it has shorter limbs which make it a better choice for hunting games.

Pistol Crossbows

The pistol crossbow carries it name from the method of placing the standard crossbow on its side which makes it more like a pistol. The pistol crossbow is known to have a very high accuracy rate but a lot more energy and power is needed to use it. The rifle or pistol crossbow is commonly used for recreational target practice and shooting small game.

Repeating Crossbow

The repeating crossbow has an automation set up which enables the user to repeatedly use the crossbow, since the shooting and launching is done rapidly and make it ready for the next shot.

The range of crossbows makes it easier for you to pick the right crossbow that suits your height and strength and the purpose for which you need it. Remember to keep your arrows in a quiver and read and understand the brochures on your crossbow before practically using it.