Hunting In Maine

The beautiful state of Maine is famed for a lot of things and these you will discover some place else because hunting in Maine deserves all the attention it can get. First of all you must understand that Maine is a hunting paradise beyond compare, it has extensive resources in form of deep forests, rich fishing grounds, a well established support system and all kinds of animals that will have you chasing not just glory but also a memory that is bound to keep you warm for a really long time to come.

Hold your horses though because to hunt in Maine you need proper gear because well, bears have tough skin and moose are getting wiser by the day. Here are two things that any hunting sportsman should have to assure themselves of some high level of success and safety.


Trail cameras

Let’s face it hunting is more about skills and preparedness than even being in a rich hunting ground as is Maine. And if you cannot sniff something out two miles away like a coyote, geese will fly over you and moose will pass by right after you have concluded that there was never a moose in the whole of Maine that it is all marketing and fluff. That is why you need a trail camera to help you out with your scouting.

A trail camera will be on the look out 24 hours a day seven days a week or as long as it matters to you. Once you’ve pinpointed a likely hunting area (from the look of things such as onsite droppings, tracks or something else) you can mount the camera on a tree overlooking the trail and wait to see the black bear that keeps you awake all night long come sniffing around and from there you can bounce to action. A trail camera will also give you a rough idea of what prey is abundant in your chosen hunting ground it could be that bears find the place boring after all and so should you.

Hunting knives

Every good huntsman knows that there is more to bringing down prey than shooting down some. You have to leave a hunters mark and the best way to go about it is through a hunting knife. A hunting knife adds personality to a hunting expedition and makes things feel up close and personal. What’s more a hunting knife is good defense because any black bear, moose or buffalo does not go down singing when given the chance.

Hunting knives come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and whichever you choose is entirely up to you and your hunting goals.

And now back to Maine. You don’t have to hunt alone although there are no limits here. There are always hunting expeditions and hunting guides to help you out plus your friends and family members can be part of the fun too.

Hunting gear in Maine is available in local sporting goods stores that are abundant in the place and here you can not miss a thing.