Hunting Knives vs Survival Knives

Hunting knives and survival knives are different form each other even if they are solely for cutting and tearing through anything. They are designed differently and the other one has more features than the other. They both differ in some ways even if they both can be used in the wilderness.


What makes the 2 different from each other?

Hunting knivesHunting knives – They are made for one purpose alone and that is for hunting. It is best to use a hunting which has a blade that is sturdier and comes with an easy to handle grip but it is slimmer compared to the grip a survival knife.

They are made differently depending on the size of the game you are going to hunt. Smaller hunting knives are for killing smaller animals like birds and squirrels while bigger knives are used for bigger animals like rabbits and young deer.

They don’t have much function compared to survival knives which can be used for cutting through would, ropes, and other things. Hunting knives also have a different blade compared to survival knives and can be folded.

You can also skin an animal using a hunting knife, but if you will be hunting for larger animals, you might need one with a bigger blade. The blade of the hunting knife is sharper and usually has a more pointed tip compared to a survival knife.The case of hunting knife is made with leather.

Survival knivesSurvival knives – Survival knives have more features because they are purposely made for cutting through ropes, small branches, animals, and other things you might need for survival so choosing the best survival knife is important.

When you are in a survival situation, you need a knife that can be used for cutting almost anything. Their blade can be cannot be folded and the handle is also easy to grip, but thicker and usually made of rubber not like what a hunting knife has. Survival and hunting knives are both sturdy but hunting knives are better if their blade is a fixed one. As for survival knives, the blade can either be foldable or fixed.

This is not especially designed for killing animals, but it is more of an all-purpose knife. You can also use this for killing and hunting small game, but a hunting knife would work better for this. They usually come with a case made of plastic or rubber and the shape of the blade is not as pointy as a hunting knife.

If you will be out in the wilderness and you are going to bring tools for survival, it is best to have both of these knives with you for different situations. You can read reviews and learn more about survival knives and other hunting knives at

If you need to kill an animal for food, you can use the hunting knife and if you need to cut through ropes, twigs, etc. you can use the survival knife. Both are made for important purposes so it is best that you have them both. These 2 knives are not competing with each other because both will serve you a different purpose.