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4 Things To Do in Maine

Maine is the northern most state of in the US and is renowned for its breathtaking scenery, heavily forested interiors, jagged coastline, rolling mountains and picturesque landscapes and waterways. Not to mention, Maine is a great get away for most things, you can possibly do more fun and recreation activities in Maine than is possible in most other places in the US and this is because of Maine’s unique geography, location, continental climate, beautiful islands, pleasant lakes, excellent sea food options and a well developed tourism industry. If you are keen on visiting Maine and frankly you should be, there is more than enough reason to, here are 4 things to do in Maine.

1. Sport fishing

Sport fishing in maine

With over 5,000 ponds and 32,000 miles of rivers and streams and an extensive coastline, the state of Maine has long been a darling of many fishing sport enthusiasts who never fail to come back over and over again. Sport fishing in Maine is always deeply rewarding mostly because there are all types of fish and sea creatures waiting to be caught. In case you and your friends or family don’t know where to start, Maine guides or Maniacs as some proudly call themselves will guide you around the many fishing resources for a really memorable fishing experience. What’s more, if you think that you are going to beat some of your friends with some impressive catch, it might surprise you that you will probably be competing with entirely new friends because main is always full.

2. Sight seeing and tours

Maine is one of the most beautiful states in America

If you just want to relax and pass your time while reading a chapter from your favorite author, then Maine is the place for you. You can experience the beauty of Maine’s open waters, mountains, forests and towns in a way of your own choosing. There are many ferry services that will take you to a destination of your choice like to islands in the Casco Bay. Tours in beautiful Maine are also available on trains bus, snowmobiles, dogsleds, trolleys. And one more thing, you can get to see all of Maine in one scenic view from a flight that will respect your specific schedule and unique tastes.

3. Hiking


Whether you want to explore Maine’s mountains, jagged coastline, waterways or forests, there is always a trail to take you there and a tour guide to help you out. Hiking in Maine is full of fun and adventure and you can do it with friend’s family and even with your kids. The trails are well developed, safe and lead to every corner of this beautiful state.

4. Camping


You and your friends can camp anywhere you want in the state of Maine! Cabin rentals are also available in every region across the state and in camp grounds. So if your idea of fun is a time out with your friends or by yourself in the wild, then Maine will serve you well. Camping is especially popular with couples who cherish a memorable wild time together and they live to tell of the days they used to wake up to a wilderness beyond compare.

Sport and Living Healthy Using Juicers: ...

Here in Maine we try our best to live our healthy lives and as athletes it is important to be good role models. With us today is Jessica who is an avid sportsperson who is going to talk to us about juicing and how to make healthy juices using juicers.

Making Juice the Simple and Easy Way

Making juice is so easy today. People only need to put the powder in a glass, add water, stir and it is ready to drink. It is basic chemistry and not rocket science. However, not a lot of people know this: commercial juice powder contains a lot of preservatives and other substances that may cause harm to the body in the long run.

Natural juices or concentrate juice can also be called fruit juice concentrate or concentrated juice that contains lesser water than other forms of juice.


Reasons to Choose Tasty  Juice Recipes

Natural fruit juice contains sugar and people may immediately think that this is a bad thing. However, they need to understand why it is healthier to choose real fruits versus powdered juice drinks.

Aside from the fact that fresh fruit juices are more refreshing, they contain more nutrients than powdered juices. Yes, the packets of the powdered juices may say that they are rich in Vitamin A, B, C, D and more, but no one really knows for sure if these are true or if they work like the natural equivalents. What many people can definitely be sure of is that it contains preservatives that are bad for the kidney and for other organs of the body On the other hand, fresh fruit juices contain real vitamins and minerals such as potassium, zinc, lycopene, carotene, and so many more. Aside from these nutrients, fresh and natural juices also contain antioxidants.

Antioxidants are the most important nutrients that people with age need to consume. Antioxidants help fight free radicals. Free radicals come from stress, pollution and other harmful factors. These free radicals damage the skin and are the reasons why skin is wrinkled. Antioxidants can help both repair the damage and protect the skin cells from these free radicals.

The body actually produces its own antioxidants. As people grow older, however, they need to supplement this by taking more antioxidants through consciously consuming foods and drinking liquids using natural anti-aging juice recipes. To be sure that antioxidants are taken, use fruit ingredients that contain high doses of it such as oranges, lemons, tomatoes and more.

Why the Need to Be Healthy

People know that being healthy is important but not all know that being healthy is the only key to reversing the effects of aging. There are particular nutrients that the elderly need to consume regularly in order to delay aging. Among the most important nutrients are Vitamin E, C, and of course, antioxidants. The effects of aging are present because the body cells are starting to grow old and deteriorate. Remember, delaying cellular deterioration delays aging.

Side Effects of Powdered Preservatives

Some effects of powdered juice preservatives include kidney problems and liver problems. These juice drinks may not cause these side effects directly, but symptoms are going to show eventually in the long run. Hence, people really need to rethink about the juices they choose. Preservatives are never good for the body and people need to know that sticking to natural is always better.

If convenience is the issue, there are prepared juices using natural recipes using juicers (see some good reviews here on the best juicers: being sold in markets today. Natural juice concentrates can be easily bought in groceries and convenience stores. Hence, there is no reason for people to resort to powdered juices if convenience is the issue. Aging can never be stopped unless a magical elixir is made. Hence, people need to know that staying healthy is their only option.

Athletic Destinations in Main

Maine is a beautiful place to visit any time of the year. Different seasons give visitors the chance to try a new sport or exercise in a different climate. Each destination is entirely different during opposite seasons. For instance, the mountain that you ski down in the winter is also a popular rock climbing destination in the summer. A little creative planning can create fun opportunities for athletic families and couples. Winter gives Maine visitors plenty of places for skiing, but what else is there to do in Maine? There are dozens of interesting ideas to ponder.


Winter recreational activities

Snowmobiling and dog-sledding are very popular sports in the Northeast. Guided tours give guests the perfect chance to hike in the outdoors without worrying about maps, camping, or deciding where to observe wildlife. Moosehead Lake is one of the most popular places for snowmobiling, lake tours, and riding ATV’s because the lake is so large. There area offers sports enthusiasts a huge playground for recreational vehicles. Forks is the perfect place for skiing if you like a lot of snow. Carrabassett Valley is another popular ski destination. For something out of the ordinary, vacationers can try out snow bowling at Camden Harbor. Camden is known for being a “picturesque” destination.

Summer recreational activities

Fly Fishing at Grand Lake Stream is always popular with locals and visitors. Camping is a staple in the state of Maine with Kennebago Camps, Bulldog Camps, Spencer’s Pond, Cochran Camps, Wheaton’s Lodge, and Indian Rock Camps receiving large amounts of visitors annually. Chet’s Camps in the Grand Lake Region has docks for easy water access. Silverton Sporting Ranch specializes in hunting and shooting with clay target shooting adding more options to try. Hunters have opportunities to hunt bear and moose at places like Tyler Kelly’s Camps in Allagash Village. Guests often enjoy staying at Jack Pitch Lodge, a famous plantation in Maine. Mountain biking, whitewater rafting, bird watching, flower explorations, and campfires are favored local activities anywhere in Maine.

Fall festivals

For some downtime while taking advantage of the vast amount of recreational activities Maine has, visitors find that local festivals and events are excellent ways to see the culture of Maine, and how the people live everyday life. The Skowhegan State Fair, Clinton Lions Fair, the Central Maine Egg Festival, the Commonground Fair, the Kneading Conference, and Riverfest and Outdoor Expo bring all the locals out for fun.

Spring at the spa

Every athlete needs time to relax, unwind, and recharge. Maine has a lot of popular spas and retreats. The most popular place is called Apollo Day Spa. Locals say to ask for “Johnathan” for the most amazing spa experience.

Believe it or not, antiquing and shopping are hot activities for residents in Maine. Locals have turned searching for unique items into a sport of their own, found only in Maine. While visiting Maine, everyone can take some downtime to get invigorated for the next chapter in life by penciling some fun into their stay.