Why You Should Bring a Trail Camera To Your Camping Trip in Maine

Camping is an excellent way to get out there and really immerse yourself in nature and this holds especially true when you visit Maine. You are really a part of the world around you and can see it in detail not observable from behind the trappings of the modern world. Perhaps you are keen to get a taste of the way of life of our primal ancestors?

Hunting game or fishing, gathering provisions for your sustenance from the wilds can be a good way of reconnecting with your basic self. But camping need not be entirely devoid of modern comforts, and likewise, judicious use of modern technology can enhance a little bit of ecologically aware hunting. The game camera is the perfect tool for the modern hunter in the wilderness, whether they want to hunt animals for their meat or just in order to see and understand them better.

Tree in snow.

What is a Trail Camera?

A trail camera or game camera is a rugged remote camera camera for use in the outdoors, so is perfect for a camping expedition. The cameras are designed to be able to spend a lot of unsupervised time outside. The cameras can be film or digital and can be locked. They can be strapped to a tree branch or placed somewhere out of sight. The modern technology has come on leaps and bounds in recent years and game (or other wildlife) can be detected by motion detectors or passive infrared light sensors (PIR sensors), day and night.  It is however important to pick the best trail camera for how you intend to use the camera as there are many different types and features to choose from.

Who Might Use One While Camping?

trail camWhether you are shooting animals and birds with a gun, or merely with your camera, the game camera can be your eyes while you are elsewhere, or sleeping in your tent. The game camera might be useful if you are a wildlife photographer, capturing shots of animal behaviour free from human presence or intervention. It is also useful to the sustenance hunter, who shoots what they wish to eat. Hunters who breed birds like quail or pheasants for the pleasure hunt might also camp in the woods and set up game cameras. Ecologists or naturalists might want to use a game camera to get more information about numbers and habits of birds and animals. If you are interested in trail cameras and want to add it to your collection to help you with your hunting you should go online and read trail camera reviews as there are many sites (Example: www.trailcamerazone.com) that offer good reviews which can help you with your research.

Why are They Useful on a Camping Trip?

For a Hunter:

Set up a game camera in locations around your campsite, and they will be your eyes when you are sleeping or elsewhere. – They can give you valuable information as to the spots where game is found.- They can tell you if there are large predators nearby which may frighten game from the area.- They can tell you of the availability of game, and their habits, so you can get to know them and hunt them more easily.- They can help a game breeder keep track of numbers, and ensure good breeding habits and health.

For an Amateur Wildlife Enthusiast, Naturalist or Ecologist:

The benefits of the camera are similar in some respects for those who wish only to photograph or film the wildlife. Again, the game camera is like a remote eye, allowing you to see what happened while you were not there to observe it.- They can give a pleasing and fascinating look into the world of the birds and animals.- They can give information on animal behaviour so it can be studied scientifically.- They can give information on numbers, so extinction patterns can be monitored.

A game camera can help anyone to better understand the natural world around them, and it therefore the perfect tool to take on a camping adventure.