Best Security Want – Garett Superscanner Review

A security wand is small, portable device used to detect metal objects. It is mainly used for security purposes to search for weapon and other metal object that may be concealed from view. You will find it being used in many areas ranging from airports, schools, jails, controlled residential areas, nightclubs among others. As crime rates continue to rise there is need for thorough security checks to ensure innocent lives are not put at risk.

Garrett Superscanner V

Garrett Superscanner VAs a consumer you should always be aware of the increased number of poor quality imitation that may resemble popular models. The Garrett Superscanner is one of the most popular metal detectors used worldwide and is most notable during global events such as the Olympics where it was first used in 1984.

It is built to withstand harsh environment and continuous use and when used properly, it offers outstanding performance stability and extreme sensitivity. It features a battery pack, power switch, LED lights, detection coil, earphone/recharge jack, interference elimination button, sensitivity adjustments, and a safety ring.

The Garrett Superscanner features a self-calibrating processor that automatically set the sensitivity of the detector therefore eliminating the need to periodically adjust the settings. It can detect both the metals that contain iron (ferrous), and those that doesn’t (non-ferrous). It can detect stainless steel and contraband among other metal items.


It has both audible and silent vibration system to suit various situations. Press forward the power button and the scanner will produce a sound and give a red LED alert every time it detects a metallic object. When the power button is pressed backward, the detector will vibrate and give a red light but no sound. The vibration mode is commonly used when you want to detect metal objects or weapons without alerting a victim. This gives the security personnel enough time take the necessary action while avoid direct confrontation. The vibration mode is also popular in very noisy environments.

The superscanner can detect weapons such as a pistol from 9’’ distance, and detect tiny jewels and metal object at 1’’ distance. It has a large scan surface measuring 20.3 cm for a quick scan, and ensures the scan is thorough.

The LED flash light has three modes: the green light show the device is operating; red is an alarm to show a metal has been detected; amber signal the battery is running low and should be recharged.

The interference elimination button is designed to make the device detect very small metal items. It raises the sensitivity of the device, and may produce alarms even a distance from the metallic object. Hold the button to turn it on. But it is important to read metal detector reviews before you make a buying decision and there are some good options for you online, such as

Earphone jack is also used to recharge the detector. The earphone jack is intended to be used in noisy environments where it may not be possible to hear the normal sound from the device like a nightclub or a manufacturing plant. The safety string is used to safely handle the equipment.

It has a rugged waterproof handle, with a reinforced coil that can withstand high impact situations. The total weight of the device is around 500g.