Athletic Destinations in Main

Maine is a beautiful place to visit any time of the year. Different seasons give visitors the chance to try a new sport or exercise in a different climate. Each destination is entirely different during opposite seasons. For instance, the mountain that you ski down in the winter is also a popular rock climbing destination in the summer. A little creative planning can create fun opportunities for athletic families and couples. Winter gives Maine visitors plenty of places for skiing, but what else is there to do in Maine? There are dozens of interesting ideas to ponder.


Winter recreational activities

Snowmobiling and dog-sledding are very popular sports in the Northeast. Guided tours give guests the perfect chance to hike in the outdoors without worrying about maps, camping, or deciding where to observe wildlife. Moosehead Lake is one of the most popular places for snowmobiling, lake tours, and riding ATV’s because the lake is so large. There area offers sports enthusiasts a huge playground for recreational vehicles. Forks is the perfect place for skiing if you like a lot of snow. Carrabassett Valley is another popular ski destination. For something out of the ordinary, vacationers can try out snow bowling at Camden Harbor. Camden is known for being a “picturesque” destination.

Summer recreational activities

Fly Fishing at Grand Lake Stream is always popular with locals and visitors. Camping is a staple in the state of Maine with Kennebago Camps, Bulldog Camps, Spencer’s Pond, Cochran Camps, Wheaton’s Lodge, and Indian Rock Camps receiving large amounts of visitors annually. Chet’s Camps in the Grand Lake Region has docks for easy water access. Silverton Sporting Ranch specializes in hunting and shooting with clay target shooting adding more options to try. Hunters have opportunities to hunt bear and moose at places like Tyler Kelly’s Camps in Allagash Village. Guests often enjoy staying at Jack Pitch Lodge, a famous plantation in Maine. Mountain biking, whitewater rafting, bird watching, flower explorations, and campfires are favored local activities anywhere in Maine.

Fall festivals

For some downtime while taking advantage of the vast amount of recreational activities Maine has, visitors find that local festivals and events are excellent ways to see the culture of Maine, and how the people live everyday life. The Skowhegan State Fair, Clinton Lions Fair, the Central Maine Egg Festival, the Commonground Fair, the Kneading Conference, and Riverfest and Outdoor Expo bring all the locals out for fun.

Spring at the spa

Every athlete needs time to relax, unwind, and recharge. Maine has a lot of popular spas and retreats. The most popular place is called Apollo Day Spa. Locals say to ask for “Johnathan” for the most amazing spa experience.

Believe it or not, antiquing and shopping are hot activities for residents in Maine. Locals have turned searching for unique items into a sport of their own, found only in Maine. While visiting Maine, everyone can take some downtime to get invigorated for the next chapter in life by penciling some fun into their stay.