Air Rifles for Hunting: What to Keep in Mind

Choosing the right kind of air rifle for hunting is important especially if you want to up your game and you are planning to join contests. It is one of the most loved hobbies of Americans today and there are a lot of types of airrifles you can choose from, but there are still the basic things you must look for when choosing the best air rifle.

What to keep in mind


air rifle

These calibers are for deer hunting rounds and you need to go for the most popular one so you can buy them in most stores.

The most popular calibers are .243 Winchester, .270 Winchester, 7mm Remington Magnum, .308 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield, .300 Winchester Magnum. These are easy to find and not too expensive. The caliber .243 is what most use for deer hunting and this can reach as far as 200 yards. The .243 and .270 causes less recoil than the other calibers so you must get this one if you are worried about having recoil. The .300 is for hunting down elks or other animals with the same size.


The bold action is the most popular because it’s cheap, affordable, and reliable. The single-shot is also a good choice, but its difference from the bolt is it has low firing rate. The bold is still better because this will allow you to do a follow-up shot if you need to compared with a single-shot action.


There are 2 sights available for choosing a air rifle. One is the telescopic shot and the second one is the open sight. Most people use the telescopic sight because it gives you a closer look at the target, you can easily spot your target even under low light, and it is more accurate for long distance shooting.

Open sights have an advantage when it comes to shooting a target that is moving fast. They are also not prone to moisture unlike scopes. This is not very accurate for long target shooting, unless you are an expert already. You can also buy an attachment which allows you to magnify your target. Read more about the top picks when it comes to air rifles right here

Materials and weight

Air rifles are made with either wood or synthetic. Synthetic is more advisable because it is waterproof and lasts longer. The weight of the rifle will depend on the style of your hunting. If you will be hunting from one position only and you don’t need to carry the rifle often, you can buy the heavier one. If you will be moving a lot, you can buy the lighter one.


Choosing the bullet for your air rifle is a big consideration. You can choose the bullet you want and that’s the one you practice with. Even if it’s more expensive than others, what will matter is how you are able to use it. The bullet you choose should be appropriate for your hunting needs as well.

Choosing a airifle for hunting is quite simple, but consider these basic factors because you will need to keep them in mind when buying any kind or rifle.