4 Things To Do in Maine

Maine is the northern most state of in the US and is renowned for its breathtaking scenery, heavily forested interiors, jagged coastline, rolling mountains and picturesque landscapes and waterways. Not to mention, Maine is a great get away for most things, you can possibly do more fun and recreation activities in Maine than is possible in most other places in the US and this is because of Maine’s unique geography, location, continental climate, beautiful islands, pleasant lakes, excellent sea food options and a well developed tourism industry. If you are keen on visiting Maine and frankly you should be, there is more than enough reason to, here are 4 things to do in Maine.

1. Sport fishing

Sport fishing in maine

With over 5,000 ponds and 32,000 miles of rivers and streams and an extensive coastline, the state of Maine has long been a darling of many fishing sport enthusiasts who never fail to come back over and over again. Sport fishing in Maine is always deeply rewarding mostly because there are all types of fish and sea creatures waiting to be caught. In case you and your friends or family don’t know where to start, Maine guides or Maniacs as some proudly call themselves will guide you around the many fishing resources for a really memorable fishing experience. What’s more, if you think that you are going to beat some of your friends with some impressive catch, it might surprise you that you will probably be competing with entirely new friends because main is always full.

2. Sight seeing and tours

Maine is one of the most beautiful states in America

If you just want to relax and pass your time while reading a chapter from your favorite author, then Maine is the place for you. You can experience the beauty of Maine’s open waters, mountains, forests and towns in a way of your own choosing. There are many ferry services that will take you to a destination of your choice like to islands in the Casco Bay. Tours in beautiful Maine are also available on trains bus, snowmobiles, dogsleds, trolleys. And one more thing, you can get to see all of Maine in one scenic view from a flight that will respect your specific schedule and unique tastes.

3. Hiking


Whether you want to explore Maine’s mountains, jagged coastline, waterways or forests, there is always a trail to take you there and a tour guide to help you out. Hiking in Maine is full of fun and adventure and you can do it with friend’s family and even with your kids. The trails are well developed, safe and lead to every corner of this beautiful state.

4. Camping


You and your friends can camp anywhere you want in the state of Maine! Cabin rentals are also available in every region across the state and in camp grounds. So if your idea of fun is a time out with your friends or by yourself in the wild, then Maine will serve you well. Camping is especially popular with couples who cherish a memorable wild time together and they live to tell of the days they used to wake up to a wilderness beyond compare.